In modern architecture glass plays a dominating role. Our living spaces have become more open and translucent.

Correspondingly there is a development to the transparent in the art world. For the Wiesbaden artist Nabo Gass is a glass wall in modern architecture an ideal exhibition space for his transparent images.

Works by Nabo in the public space can be seen u. a. in the German Museum of Stained Glass Linnich, Rüsselsheim Municipal Theater, Stadthalle in Schorndorf, glass museum of the Ernsting Foundation in Coesfeld, Malden retirement home and court building Roermond in the Netherlands, parish house St. Stephan in Mainz, IGM building Hannover and in Wiesbaden the Wall of Fame in the Kurhaus conservatory, the columns on the Kureck and the stele in front of the Literaturhaus Wilhelmstrasse.


In addition to autonomous glass pictures, Gass has created many interiors with glass doors, luminous ceilings and room dividers. He has also immersed himself in the field of solar technology and designed facades of industrial buildings.

solar facade of Nabo Gass

The German Artist Nabo Gass received the Architectual Award by the Stiftung Deutsche Pfandbriefbank together with the Architect Norbert Wortmann for an energy-positive warehouse made of glass.
Apart from ecological clean and recyclable building materials the company Ernsting’s Family relies on solar energy. Through the use of integrated solar modules installed on the facade, the warehouse can produce enough energy to supply itself.

Solar facade of Nabo

“Architecture has to be for the people”, states Kurt Ernsting and this understanding is clearly displayed at the company headquarter in Coesfeld-Lette.