the folded solar membrane

The high-rack warehouse glass pane facade, designed by Nabo Gass, is located on the southern side of the building. It is covered with solar membranes, except for the greened roof area.

These solar membranes flourish from the contrast between the deep black PV-modules and the sparkling crash glass.


An alternating arrangement of folds have an optimal tilt angle to catch the sun’s rays. The PV-modules provide shade for the glass facade warehouse behind, which requires no additional heating or cooling units and can be operated only with an automatic ventilation system throughout the year.


Vertically, the southeast facade is constructed out of alternating arrangement of folds with solar membranes and has two breaks. These two vertical breaks in the facade expose the actual glass building itself. Detached from the main building on the southwestern side, is a large glass construction in the form of the hall.



In approximately 28 m height, the solar membrane has a 90° angle and hovers over the greened 5,000 qm roof.


The utilization of horizontal surfaces for an optimal use of the suns energy is often take for granted, Surprisingly, one can discover that the vertical use of solar modules can be quite beneficial as well. This equates to an increase in efficiency of approximately 30%.