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In light-flooded rooms, windows and doors provide a framework for glass art.

Together with clients, individual solutions for the design of living spaces are developed in the Uferatelier.

The front door in particular is an exposed place to tell something about the house and its residents.

Be it an illustration of the family name, such as the designed glass door “Stork’s Nest” or the two door leaves, which symbolically contain the theme “Encounter”.

The window pictures often relate to the surroundings in front of the house. The “Sakura” picture includes the real tree in front of the kitchen window and complements it with glass branches and cherry blossoms. The balcony cladding “on the bank” shows the river flowing under the house in an almost photo-realistic manner. The balcony parapet becomes a quay wall with a girl whose gaze follows the stream. The designed “Lunar Eclipse” glass door is also very personal. Here a couple remembers the shared experience of this natural event, at the same time, in two different, distant places.

Glasdecke in Privathaus

Glasdecke in Privathaus

Glasdecke in Privathaus / ca. 3 x 4 m / Spiegelglas zu VSG laminiert 2022 entstand diese gläserne Decke in einem...

Mondfinsternis | Glastür

Mondfinsternis | Glastür

Ein Paar erlebt eine spektakuläre Mondfinsternis gleichzeitig an 2 weit entfernten Orten. Eine Erinnerung an einen...

Am Ufer | Balkonverkleidung

Am Ufer | Balkonverkleidung

Die Balkonverkleidung „am Ufer“ zeigt nahezu fotorealistisch den Fluss unterhalb des Hauses. Die Balkonbrüstung wird...



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