the artist Nabo Gass

Nabo was born in 1954 in Ebingen, Baden-Württemberg.

After training as a glass painter he studied in the seventies at the Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule and at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin.

In the middle of the eighties he founded the "Atelier Transparent", later the "Uferatelier" in Wiesbaden, where he currently lives and works. This is where free and architectural glass works come into being.


In order to translate his ideas into glass, Nabo has developed new, patented techniques of glass design: in 1989 photo-accurate sandblasting, 1994 glass painting with ground colored glass; In 2000, he received the innovation prize of the Glastec Düsseldorf for his splitter technique for the design of glass facades in connection with photovoltaics.


According to his design, a glass high-bay warehouse will be built in 2011/12 that carries itself energetically. The folded solar membrane made of photovoltaic modules and crash glass, designed by him, generates such high energy efficiency that the building is certified by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) with gold.


In 2017, he will again design an ensemble of glass company buildings.


Works in public space can be seen u. a. in the German Museum of Stained Glass Linnich, Rüsselsheim Municipal Theater, Stadthalle in Schorndorf, glass museum of the Ernsting Foundation in Coesfeld, Malden retirement home and court building Roermond in the Netherlands, parish house St. Stephan in Mainz, IGM building Hannover and in Wiesbaden the Wall of Fame in the Kurhaus conservatory, the columns on the Kureck and the stele in front of the Literaturhaus in Wilhelmstraße.



2014 Award for a solar building of the BDA Münsterland (Bund Deutscher Architekten)

2012 Architecture Award of the pbb Stiftung Deutsche Pfandbriefbank for exemplary commercial buildings

2008 Competition Sculpture Park Walldorf-Mörfelden

2000 Innovation Award, Glastec Dusseldorf

1999 New Glass Review 21, Corning Museum New York

1983 Kunstfonds Bonn



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