art in public space

lesezeichen | literaturhaus wiesbaden

Nabo Gass has created the work of art and developed the accompanying technology. The fascinating Splitterbild, a shattered safety glass pane, which form is determined by the artist. The area outside the pre-determined form, cut by a water jet, remains intact and...

wall of fame | kurhaus wiesbaden

In focus the dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, framed in movement, dance and drama, his image formed by concentric circles. An icon, unreachable. Alike all the stars who appear in the limelight, creating moments of joy for the audience, satisfying their longing to slip out of...

lady | art collection museum lette

After the participation in various exhibitions - here at the art garden in Aarwangen / Switzerland - the crash glass picture "Lady" found its final place at the architectural campus on the Ernsting’s family company in Coesfeld. Similar to the signpost in front of the...

stele | ernsting´s family sportplatz coesfeld

Als Wahrzeichen für das neue Sportzentrum der Firma Ernsting´s family entstand 2018 nach dem Entwurf von Nabo Gass eine Stele aus Beton und Edelstahl.



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