Stained glass

Maria Maria glass picture Nabo Gaß

Painting with glass is characteristic of Nabo’s art. Its technique is unique in modern glass painting. The colored glass is finely pulverized and made into a paste with wallpaper paste. Nabo uses this paste to paint the carrier glass with a brush or spatula. At peak temperatures of up to 840 degrees Celsius, the applied glass painting is fused with the carrier glass in the fusing furnace. The technique described is combined with a photographic sandblasting process. In the glass pictures, three layers are layered one behind the other. Inside is the colored picture, flanked by the sandblasted panes. The subjects of his transparent, multi-layered art result from everyday experience. Imaginative forms taken from nature appear lively and moving and correspond to the translucent landscape behind them. In between there is usually a comment on the events of the time. Partly virtuoso, expressive forms oscillate between representationalism and abstraction. The viewer is encouraged to switch between the glass layers and the one behind. So he can grasp the foreground and the background. The glass works of art by Nabo Gaß offer rich worlds of experience. The core of his very specific contribution to contemporary glass art consists of a plea for differentiated approaches.

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