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In addition to the pictures, three-dimensional glass objects and sculptures are also being created in the Uferatelier.

In his most recent works, Nabo has been collaborating with young glassblowers of the Institute for Artistic Ceramics and Glass of the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences (IKKG). For the series “Liberation”, the artist links steel cables in concentric rings through which hot glass is blown. In the viscous state, the glowing mass penetrates the free spaces between the cables and solidifies into fascinating shapes. Not all attempts survive the act of liberation unscathed, but when it succeeds, unique steel-glass sculptures emerge, holding within the tension of the creation process.

The so-called Short Moments are glass objects created in the artist’s fusing oven. Panes of glass are painted with a powdered glass substance and are folded at high temperatures while in the oven. Only if the artist manages to form the brilliantly glowing material within a few short seconds, thereby ensuring that the material does not come into contact with itself, is a Short Moment created, retaining its shape after cooling.

Nabo’s sculptures are created under great internal stress, and those that survive the fragile yet dangerous process are fascinating and unique objects.

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stained glass

stained glass

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