What lends modern architecture a futuristic character are the glass facades. A challenge Nabo Gaß has been working on for almost 20 years. For his ideas of facade design in conjunction with photovoltaics, he received the Innovation Prize of the glastec in Dusseldorf. The first implementation followed in 2012 in Münsterland. After his design, the first high-bay warehouse with solar façade was built. The glass architecture, combined with sophisticated solar technology, has also convinced the Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), which certified the building with gold. And: the building has won two major architectural awards.

The glass facade of the IGM building in downtown Hanover is dedicated to trade unionist Otto Brenner. One of his central statements has immortalized Nabo in the glass facade multilingual: "Not peace, not subservience to the authorities is the first civic duty, but criticism and constant democratic vigilance."

Via Publica | Fassendengestaltung | Kureck Wiesbaden

Nabo was honored in 1999 by the Corning Museum of Glass (USA) for his columns at the Via Publica in Wiesbaden. In three layers of glass, the artist illustrates old proverbs and folk wisdom, such as "birds whistling in the morning, bringing the cat in the evening".

the folded solar membrane

The high-bay warehouse will receive, according to the design of Nabo, with the exception of the green roof surface, a glass primary facade, which in turn, is enveloped in the south facing façade surfaces of a folded solar membrane.

glass facade | IGM Hannover | Nabo Gaß

The design of the glass facade of the IG-Metall building in Hannover is dedicated to trade unionist Otto Brenner.