The german artist Nabo Gass paints with glass. Fascinatied by the huge, light flooded buildings, he creates his autonomous pictures for the glass walls. Glass give modern buildings an open, transparent character. These walls offer the perfect setting for the art by Nabo Gass. He clearly favors open spaces and emphasizes the interaction between the inside and outside in his work. The background grows into the picture, the picture into the surroundings. On top of that, there is the light which constantly changes - the ever changing light . So the atmosphere of rooms greatly improves by these pictures. Most of his works consists different panes. Uniting the panes to a single work allows him to integrate and confront his past experiences with those of the present day. It‘s only by looking through all the over-lapping panes that the viewer gets the over-all-impression, a phenomenon that comes very close to human perception, where layered impressions of experiences interact.