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Maria Maria Glasbild Nabo Gaß

The primary characteristic of Nabo’s work is the painting with glass, which is unique in contemporary glass art.
His use of pulverized colored glass combined with wallpaper adhesive forms the paste he paints with, either with brush or spatula, on the support glass pane.
In a glass fusing kiln, with temperatures up to 840°C, the glass painting is melded to a support glass pane. The above technique is merged with a photorealistic sandblasting process. His images consist of three layers of glass superimposed upon each other, where the colored glass on the inside is encased by sandblasted panes on the outside.
The subjects of his transparent and multi-layered art reflect every-day-life experiences. Vigorously moving shapes, creatively obtained from nature, appear and correspond with the surrounding translucent landscape. At times, a commentary on current issues pushes through. To some extend virtuosic and expressive, the shapes oscillate between representationalism and abstraction. The beholder is compelled to shift between the glass layers and the surroundings to comprehend the obvious and what is not immediately apparent.
The glass art of Nabo Gass offers a rich world of experiences. The quintessence of his very distinctive contribution to contemporary glass art is his plea for a differentiated point of view.

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studio glass

studio glass

In addition to the pictures, three-dimensional glass objects and sculptures are also being created in the Uferatelier....



With Swabian ingenuity Nabo constantly develops new procedures to implement his ideas. The glass almost always plays...



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